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Vanilla & Chocolate

These are your not-so-basic cakes.
We like to call them "Hi Def." They are made with chocolate
or vanilla cream cheese frosting and can
be left pure and unfilled or filled
with fresh raspberry, chocolate ganache,
raspberry ganache or white chocolate ganache.
Mix and match.

Double Down Chocolate

Rich chocolate cake filled

with dark chocolate ganache,
topped with buttery chocolate
cream cheese frosting and
finished with a malted milk ball.


You can also add special flavors to this one, like raspberry, orange, Kahlua or Godiva chocolate liqueur. There's no limit to the combinations we can do!


Sweet since 2012

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My Funny Bone

This was my response to Hostess closing its doors and my favorite supermarket cake leaving the shelves. Rich dark chocolate cake, filled and topped with a whipped peanut butter mousse and dark chocolate ganache, frosted with a chocolate cream cheese frosting and finished with a peanut butter cup.
MUCH better that the original!

Thyme for Lemon

Vanilla cake riddled with fresh
thyme and lemon zest, filled with
lemon curd, and finished with a
lemon cream cheese frosting. Refreshing!


I went to a fancy restaurant for New Years Eve dinner 2012, and a dessert item intrigued me. This is my take on it.
A cinnamon donut cupcake with white chocolate ganache filling, raspberry cream cheese frosting, dusted with ground cinnamon and finished with a drizzle of fresh raspberry sauce.
Simple sophistication.

Cool Baby

Minted dark chocolate cake riddled with

mini chocolate chips, filled with

peppermint chocolate ganache and

frosted with either a minty cream cheese

or a chocolate mint frosting. (your choice). Topped with either more mini chocolate chips or an Andes Candy for the more grown-up palate

Apple of Your Eye

Moist white cake with chunks of
Granny Smith apples, filled with
apple butter and frosted with a
vanilla cream cheese frosting.
Garnished with a caramel apple chip.

all dressed up for the holidays...
#13 and Cool Baby minis

Double Down Mini

All Sweet Epiphany cupcakes can be made "mini" except Over the Rainbow.

seasonal favorites

Key to Your Heart

Lori's Sublime Lime

A key lime cupcake filled with key lime curd,
topped with a layer of white chocolate ganache
and tangy key lime cream cheese frosting.


I can only find key limes locally in August,
but I can substitute regular lime zest and
bottled key lime juice for cravings all year round.
One of my all-time favorites. Still delish!

Peter Peter

Jaime's Perfect Fall

Pumking Ale was introduced to me by my coworker Jaime,
who challenged me to make a cupcake with it.
The spices and effervescence from the brew make these
cakes incredible flavorful and light. If you love pumpkin
(or even if you don't) these are a must-try.
The beer is only available for about a month in early fall,
so get your orders in early to secure a dozen of so!!


Spiced pumpkin cake made with organic pumpkin and
Pumking Ale, topped with a pumpkin cream cheese frosting.
A hint of cinnamon, a sprinkle of fresh ground nutmeg and a sliver of crystal ginger make this perfect for those fall nights.

The Nogster

This one SCREAMS Holiday Celebration!
This baby may not look very special, but hold
onto your elf shoes! Dark chocolate cake infused
with coffee, filled with espresso ganache and
topped with an egg nog cream cheese frosting
and a touch of fresh grated nutmeg. Can also be
made with a Kahlua ganache - for adults only.

'Lil Gingey

Traditional holiday spiced
gingerbread cake topped with a
maple cream cheese frosting.
This flavor giant is only available in a mini.

Sweet since 2012